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Commuter Services

Now You Can Commute In Style to Downtown Sacramento!

Weekday commuter service between
Galt and Sacramento!

SCT-LINK The Connections
  • SCT/LINK and e-tran have teamed up to provide you with commuter bus service from Galt to Downtown Sacramento. The two transit systems have coordinated their schedules so you can just hop off one bus and onto the next, for practically a non-stop trip. Here’s how it works.

  • Catch the SCT/LINK Highway 99 Express route at Galt City Hall.

  • You will make a direct transfer to e-tran Routes 52 or 60 at the Shell Station, located at the corner Elk Grove Blvd @ Emerald Vista Dr.

  • e-tran Routes 52 or 60 will wisk you in style to Downtown Sacramento after making several stops in Elk Grove.

  • From there you’ll have access to Regional Transit (RT) bus & light rail system at your fingertips.

  • In the afternoon, e-tran Routes 49, 52 or 60 will connect you to SCT/LINK at the Shell Station, located at the corner Elk Grove Blvd @ Emerald Vista Dr.
The Schedule

You’ll have a choice of early morning or mid morning trips, arriving in downtown Sacramento between 6:40 am and 8:38 am. The return bus in the afternoon leaves downtown Sacramento between 3:00 pm and 6:05 pm. Service operates Monday through Friday. See below for the schedule:

SCT LINK schedule

SCT/LINK – Highway 99 Express route operates hourly all day from 5:20 am to 7:05 pm. When e-tran Route 49, 52 or 60 is not operating, you can transfer to e-tran Route 156 or 162 for travel to Cosumnes River College, where you can connect with other RT routes for connections to Sacramento or to other e-tran routes for connections within Elk Grove.

The Fares

You will be required to pay a separate fare on each transit system. The fares are:

From Galt to Downtown Sacramento:

Transit System One Way Basic* One Way Discount**
SCT/LINK $2.00 $1.50
e-tran FREE FREE

From Downtown Sacramento to Galt:

Transit System One Way Basic* One Way Discount**
e-tran $1.50 75 cents
SCT/LINK 50 cents 75 cents

Monthly Pass Prices: (Request a transfer from the Bus Operator):

Type of Pass    
e-tran Monthly Pass $60.00 $30.00/$15.00 student
SCT/LINK Monthly Pass $140.00 $140.00
RT Monthly Pass $80.00 $40.00/$24.00 student

Total Round Trip Fare:

From Galt $2.00 $1.50
From Sacramento $2.00 $1.50
Total $4.00 $3.00

*Basic fare is for passengers age 5 through 61 years old.
**Discount fare is for passengers’ age 62 years old and older and on e-tran, students age 5-18 years old with school photo ID card.

If you use an e-tran, RT or SCT/LINK monthly or an e-tran or RT daily pass. You would need to obtain a free transfer to use between each other transit systems. (RT transfers cost 25 cents, 10 cents for discount passengers). SCT/LINK offers a monthly pass with an RT sticker that can be used on all SCT/LINK, e-tran, RT, Yolobus and Folsom Stage Line routes.

Trip Planning Assistance

If you would like help planning your trip, including information about using other SCT/LINK or e-tran routes, just give us a call:

SCT/LINK 800-338-8676 or
e-tran 916-68E-TRAN or
Regional Transit (RT) 916-321-BUSS (TTD/TTY 916-483-HEAR) or

511 Sacramento Region Travel InfoTDD/TTY users can call 711 through the California Relay Service.
Regional callers in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area can dial 511 or

A service of the City of Elk Grove Transit Services and County of Sacramento, Municipal Services Agency.

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