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Commuter Alternatives: About TDM in Elk Grove


The City of Elk Grove Transit Services has created a new Transportation Demand Management Program (TDM) to promote and encourage the use of alternative transportation within the City of Elk Grove. the City is developing partnerships with public and private employers within the City to work together in addressing local transportation and air quality issues. Our goal is to make Elk Grove a better place to live, work and shop by promoting innovative solutions to parking, commuting and air quality problems.

As the population in Elk Grove continues to increase due to job growth and new housing opportunities, more automobiles will use our roadways and increase traffic congestion. The City will continue to provide innovative solutions to reduce the number of cars traveling to the worksite, while improving the commute for your employees. Taking advantage of e-tran, your local bus service, riding a bicycle, walking, or ridesharing with a neighbor, friend or co-worker can help provide a valuable benefit to your health, to your employer, and to your community.

Management and Funding

The City of Elk Grove TDM program is managed by the City of Elk Grove, Development Services, Transit Services. This program is funded by grants from the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, City Transportation Development Act (TDA) revenue and from revenue generated from major development projects within the City limits that may potentially contribute to increase congestion on our local roadways. The City has received $12,000 to fund this program.

Services Provided
  • Ridematching (Carpool/Vanpools/Bicycling)
  • Emergency Ride Home with a taxi or rental Car
  • Promotion of alternative transportation (Walking, biking, public transit or ridesharing) to all residents
  • Promote Sacramento Region 511 and other regional alternative transportation programs
  • Manage and maintain the Elk Grove/South Sacramento Commuter Club
  • Outreach to employers about alternative transportation
  • Technical assistance to Employer Transportation Coordinators and employers in preparing a trip reduction plan or developing a transportation demand management program
  • Perform Travel Training. We will teach you how to ride public transit, use bicycle and pedestrian trails in the City, to telecommute or rideshare in a car or van
  • Promotion of Best Workplaces for Commuters

Should you require additional information about the City of Elk Grove TDM Program, please email us at


Please explore the following links and websites for additional information on commuter alternatives and ridesharing:

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